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It has been announced that Noah is filming his new movie, “Abe”, and his characters name is Abe also. Here is a summary of what Abe will be about from IMDb:
“In many ways Abraham is an ordinary, bright, and cool Brooklyn, New York kid with a blog, except for the fact that he is half-Palestinian-Arab and half Jewish-Israeli. Every year his family gets together on his birthday and every year is another argument about history and politics (ancient and current), and another terrible birthday for Abraham. But this year his parents struggle to keep their composure and their relationship begins to crumble under the weight and pressure of their families. Abraham loves baking and cooking and wants to become a master chef, and he decides he could bring his family together through a dinner of his own creation. While putting together the ingredients of the meal, which come from Arab, Jewish, and Middle Eastern traditions, Abraham shows that these seemingly opposing components, when combined, can create something new and beautiful. And his family discovers it too-in Abraham.”

Congrats Noah! Can’t wait to see the film!

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The Final “Stranger Things” Season Two Trailer

The final trailer for Netflix’s “Stranger Things” was released yesterday. Noah plays Will Byers, the boy who had gone missing in Hawkins, Indiana in 1983. The second season of the show will be released October 27th, leaving fans very excited since last year being told the show was renewed. If you haven’t seen the show yet, I recommend it for everyone!

Grand Opening of Noah Schnapp Daily!
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Grand Opening of Noah Schnapp Daily!

I’m so very happy to finally open Noah Schnapp Daily and what better date to open it than in Noah’s birthday! Here at Noah Schnapp Daily you will find all the news on the young and talented actor Noah Schnapp. You can already find over 1.900 photos of Noah in the better quality in the gallery. You can follow the site on twitter to get updated whenever there are news on Noah! Thank you for visiting and don’t forget to bookmark the site!